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(女子校生)schoolgirl, 13, dies after suffering severe asthma attack at school [0:31x360p]
Mum and five-year-old daughter(娘) on shoplifting mission to steal alcohol caught in this shocking CCTV [1:09x268p]
Fearless (女子校生)schoolgirl fought off machete gang after hearing mum's screams when they smashed their way into her house [1:25x360p]
One of 276 (女子校生)schoolgirls kidnapped by terror group Boko Haram has been found, activists say ▶1:10 [1:10x268p]
Chloe Mafia claims 'naughty pilot let her and glamour model friend into cockpit of transatlantic flight' [1:36x270p]
Defiant (女子校生)schoolgirl thug jailed over viral video answers 'whatever' when asked to give address ▶2:23 [2:23x268p]
Deluxe five-star Dubai hotel says flesh-flashing Russian models are tarnishing family image with 'erotic' snaps [0:52x540p]
Sickening video shows woman setting kitten on fire after dousing it in [1:05x268p]
Former X Factor star turned porn actress arrested for smashing her car into a pub fence following blazing row [0:32x540p]
Levi Bellfield 'was member of evil ring which drugged and gang-raped (女子校生)schoolgirls' ▶2:48 [2:48x270p]
Bullies kick, punch and strip teenager naked as classmates laugh and film horrific ordeal [0:36x270p]
Woman who cut off husband’s penis reveals her new man doesn’t dare ask about ‘violent past’ [0:30x270p]
Chilling moment rape fiend confesses to brutal attack on lone woman saying 'something clicked' in his head [3:44x270p]
Powerful short film highlights dangers of drinking with heartbreaking letter from girl killed by alcoholic father(父) ▶2:24 [2:24x270p]
'Dear Daddy' film tackles sexual violence against women in devastating fashion [4:51x360p]
'Sexist' advert showing woman in swimsuit fattened up and turned into an eel branded as 'delusions of a [1:55x270p]
mum-to-be show off incredible gymnastic skills at 35 weeks pregnant - with TWINS! [1:01x268p]
London schoolboy, 9, stands up in class and pledges allegiance to ISIS after watching sick beheading videos online [2:06x540p]
Sickening moment man goads dogs to rip tiny kitten apart caught on CCTV as horrified charity offer reward [0:25x540p]
Nina Simone’s family blast Zoe Saldana as controversial Nina trailer is [3:16x268p]
moment pervert who thought he was meeting 14-year-old girl is snared by online vigilante group Dark Justice [1:52x270p]
Tiny puppy trapped in tumble drier for 30 minutes on hottest setting - but [2:00x270p]
ISIS terrorist strung up, burned alive and then sliced like a KEBAB by the 'Angel of Death' [0:29x224p]
ISIS child suicide bomber who can barely see over steering wheel shown detonating car blast in sickening video [0:47x360p]
'Missing CCTV footage which was totally ignored and the nagging doubts that convinced me Ched Evans was innocent' - Don [0:33x720p]
'I can't believe Big Brother showed the SEX': Laura Carter fuming after seeing herself with Marco Pierre White Jr [0:42x270p]
Police investigating after woman finds hidden camera in shower at Travelodge hotel room [1:54x268p]
Shocking video shows ISIS fighters bartering for young women at 'slave girl market'
Hapless man has a mare as he tries to leave demanding horse who says neigh [1:15x270p]
Linda Robson reveals she had her first orgasm of the week last night in sexy Loose Women chat [0:38x360p]
father(父) of teen 'gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators' unwittingly handed 'missing' flyer to prime suspect in case [1:01x360p]
Women 'should breastfeed children until they're eight' says mum who shares videos of herself nursing son [0:45x540p]
Vicky Pattison sparks concern with massive gurn on live TV before leaving X Factor studios looking worse for wear [0:22x540p]
Woman reveals what it's like to make love to a lifelike robot male sex doll [2:41x360p]
Transgender male has penis construction filmed in world first for groundbreaking Channel 4 documentary [0:43x360p]
Randy couple caught 'having sex' in middle of packed Cardiff nightclub - with people filming while they're at it [0:15x360p]
'I was so young': Child abuse victim who inspired Coronation Street storyline tells frightening story [0:37x540p]
Bride filmed simulating SEX ACT on hubby in front of cheering guests during kinky wedding party game
Pensioner knocked to the ground after 'spitting in wheelchair user's face' during furious bus row [0:27x540p]
Big Brother's Charlie Doherty breaks down after discovering her ex-boyfriend Jason Burrill is in the house [1:11x360p]
Girl aged 13 beaten up by a vile bully who pretended to be her friend then warned her 'not to grass' [1:44x360p]
Mother who slapped baby 42 times 'because tot wouldn't stop crying' has been [0:24x270p]
Woman captured on camera pleasuring herself while sat in Starbucks ...
Little girl takes on 22 press-up challenge by uncle's GRAVE to show support for [0:25x540p]
First pictures of young Matalan couple &*39;stabbed to death&*39; outside - Mirror
As Helen Skelton causes stir online, a look at her past near-misses ...
Porn model admits smuggling £18m of cocaine on cruise ship - and she put the whole trip on [1:51x540p]
Big Brother's Laura Carter has definitely moved on from Marco Pierre White Jr with hunky ex [0:38x360p]
Shocking footage shows half-naked boy hooded and strapped to chair and in detention centre where children were TEAR GASS [0:37x540p]
Woman 'too drunk to consent to sex' judge rules as CCTV shows attacker plying victim with booze [1:26x360p]
'Spoilt' child kicks his mum in the face after she tells him to stop playing games on her phone [0:34x540p]
School teacher branded 'rapist' after affair with teenage pupil is stripped naked and beaten by parents [0:58x360p]
Model's boobs burst out of her tiny dress during live Big Brother eviction - for the SECOND time [0:29x270p]
Sickening video shows girl stripped NAKED in cruel revenge attack at shopping centre [0:35x270p]
The 12-year-old girl who shoots majestic wild animals for fun vows NEVER to stop
Hidden camera footage shows paralympians disguised as ordinary [2:15x268p]
Female maths teacher rented hotel room for sex with 13-year-old pupil [0:26x270p]
Actress Frida Farrell reveals horrifying real-life sex slave hell in London which inspired new film [1:01x540p]
Moscow zoo sues ad company after rented raccoon appears in nude video saying 'it's just like bestiality(獣姦)' [0:59x540p]
ISIS captures 7,000 women and children to sell them on social media as sex slaves
Teenager 'stabs friend in back' during row in supermarket after they'd gone to buy snacks [1:41x540p]
Female gang punch and kick screaming girl cowering on floor in horrifying footage posted online with taunts [1:01x270p]
Footage shows brutal prison fight between rival London gangs behind bars [1:30x360p]
Wives parade nearly naked woman through street after 'catching her with [1:20x270p]
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson dead: Inside the It Girl's wild and wonderful troubled life
Deadly dog disease is sweeping the country - and pet owners are being warned to be [4:53x360p]
Venomous cobras escape at feeding time - but zoo-keeper doesn't flinch [2:11x268p]
Tragic Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had pituitary tumour not brain tumour, sister reveals [1:30x270p]
Hero bartender saves girl from having drink spiked with quick drink trick [1:10x360p]
Kanye West’s Famous video features NAKED Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump [0:50x360p]
Three teenage girls who battered 14-year-old in brutal street attack filmed on mobile phone avoid jail
'My sister tried to seduce me' - angry siblings at war on Jeremy Kyle over shocking Incest(近親相姦) accusations [0:54x360p]
Woman urinates in cup on shop counter then DRINKS it as a protest about not being able to use toilet
Adam Johnson jailed: How WhatsApp grooming unfolded with 15-year-old girl [1:10x270p]
'Stingray queen' dives naked with creatures in beautiful underwater photo shoot [0:48x540p]
Police investigating after woman finds hidden camera in shower at Travelodge hotel room [1:54x270p]
Terrifying moment young child is knocked to the ground as enormous wave batters UK coast [0:20x270p]
Brazilian reporter interviews topless sunbathers on beach - but she's the one turning heads in skimpy bikini [0:28x540p]
Bizarre moment female backpacker is found walking NAKED on busy Thai tourist street [0:32x540p]
Gaz Beadle beds Jemma Lucy on FIRST night of Ex on the Beach moments after saying he [3:41x360p]
Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale criticises hackers who leaked her nude [0:30x540p]
Guard forced prisoner to rape inmate or face death as part of widespread torture in hellhole Syrian jails [10:26x540p]
One of 276 (女子校生)schoolgirls kidnapped by terror group Boko Haram has been found, activists say [1:10x268p]
Strangers react perfectly to girl being bullied at bus stop in social [2:26x270p]
Chloe Mafia claims 'naughty pilot let her and glamour model friend into cockpit of transatlantic flight' [1:36x268p]
I found out I was conceived after my father(父) raped my sister when she was 15 [3:23x270p]
How Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson will shed her Harry Potter past [2:23x360p]
Manhunt for 15-year-old (女子校生)schoolgirl 'kidnapped by 50-year-old [1:20x360p]
CCTV appeal after woman raped in horrifying attack on city centre canal towpath [0:27x270p]
Quadruple amputee poses nude to shine light on organ donation as she desperately seeks hand [1:18x720p]
Lowest Love Island moment yet? Nathan begs Cara to perform a sex act on him before HUMPING her leg [0:51x360p]
Yazidi woman held as sex slave for three months by ISIS and gang raped speaks out about hideous [4:19x270p]
Horrifying moment dead girl's coffin is reopened after boyfriend hears noises coming [0:25x270p]
Female maths teacher rented hotel room for sex with 13-year-old pupil [0:26x272p]
US hostage 'tortured and raped by ISIS leader' speaks from beyond the grave in harrowing [1:00x360p]
US Marines naked photo scandal is far worse than just one secret Facebook group
Girls aged 13 and 14 arrested on suspicion of kidnapping toddler from Primark in [1:05x540p]
Horrific video shows two teenage girls having vicious fight in Tesco car park as shoppers drive past ▶1:28 [NaN:NaN:NaNx100p] [1:28x268p]
Escaped ISIS sex slave reveals she was kidnapped and trafficked by 'new Jihadi John' ▶0:48 [0:48x270p]
Manhunt for 15-year-old (女子校生)schoolgirl 'kidnapped by 50-year-old teacher' ▶1:20 [1:20x360p]
Heart-stopping moment little girl's sled slides in front of car and runs over her leg [0:31x540p]
What did Tara Palmer-Tomkinson die of? How the tragic model had auto-immune disease which was devouring her ▶2:49
Disturbing video shows mum 'teaching young son a lesson for supporting Donald Trump' [1:26x540p]
Randy pet-sitter caught on secret camera getting intimate with 'lover' as horrified client watches ▶0:49 [0:49x360p]
Naked couple perform sex act in bedroom in full view of street leaving people walking to work in shock ▶0:29 [0:29x360p]
Mum of boy who fell into gorilla zoo enclosure blasts critics saying 'accidents happen' ▶0:34 [0:34x270p]
Never seen before pictures emerge of remote Amazon tribe who have lived in forest for 600 years ▶1:27 [1:27x270p]
A 17-year-old boy has been announced as the face of CoverGirl cosmetics ▶0:31 [0:31x540p]
Woman caught having sex at Domino's takeaway counter hopes for 'slap on wrists' after being quizzed by cops [0:32x270p]

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