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EastEnders Pam St Clement: 'I had a lesbian affair behind my husband's back' ▶2:22 [2:22x268p]
Four (女子校生)schoolgirls arrested after 'torturing teenage love rival in shallow grave with MACHETE' in sickening [0:31x360p]
Young Syrian girl sings happily to her mum before bomb suddenly explodes outside her home ▶0:39 [0:39x360p]
Girl aged 14 survived being 'gang raped for 2 weeks, shot and dumped in a well' [1:59x360p]
Raging wife beats and strips husband's 'mistress' and brands her 'home wrecker' in brutal daylight street attack [1:10x540p]
Sex robots could stop paedophiles and predators becoming dangers to society, expert claims ▶4:47 [4:47x270p]
Extraordinary footage shows UFOs 'sucking up water from oceans around the globe' via strange funnels of water ▶1:35 [1:35x540p]
'I lost my 15-year-old daughter(娘) to ecstasy but I want drugs to be legal' - Mum's fight for change in laws ▶1:50 [1:50x268p]
US hostage 'tortured and raped by ISIS leader' speaks from beyond the grave in harrowing interview ▶1:00 [1:00x360p]
Forget Kim Kardashian! Miss Bum-Bum finalists are revealed in Brazil's cheekiest backside beauty pageant ▶2:58 [2:58x360p]
Man with world's biggest penis rejects chance of reduction as he'd 'rather be famous than have sex life' ▶2:59 [12:10x540p]
Parents forced to raise their newborn daughter(娘) in flooded home ▶1:14 [1:14x270p]
Farrah Abraham gives sex education classes using a condom and banana in the Celebrity Big Brother house ▶0:34 [0:34x224p]
Toe-curling moment beauty queen is stripped of her crown seconds after 'coronation' when organisers named wrong winner ▶1:37 [1:37x540p]
Turkish defender scores the most ridiculous own-goal in the history of the game after giving his keeper a CUDDLE ▶0:35 [0:35x540p]
Moment paedophile hunter couple snare sex beast who went to Asda looking for (女子校生)schoolgirl ▶4:24 [4:24x270p]
Pensioner shows off his '12-year-old bride' in New York as horrified passers-by react with anger [0:40x360p]
Four (女子校生)schoolgirls arrested after 'torturing teenage love rival in shallow grave with MACHETE' in sickening four-hou ▶0:31 [0:31x360p]
Explosive Winson Green prison footage shows fire raging during HMP Birmingham riot that left inmates 'hanging out window ▶0:35 [0:35x540p]
Nursery children standing in the snow throw ice cold water over their own heads ▶0:49 [0:49x270p]
Chilling moment (女子校生)schoolgirl is dragged off the street and bundled into a car in bridal kidnapping ▶0:51 [0:51x360p]
First picture of 16-year-old girl found dead on path as police investigate 'suspicious' circumstances [2:20x540p]
Transgender teen, 16, gives advice for transitioning children and parents on how to cope ▶0:22 [0:23x360p]
Self-named 'Pedo Hunter' confronts 'child predator' after posing as a (女子校生)schoolgirl and arranging to meet at shopping [1:01x270p]
Busted! Dad pranks son after discovering why 12-year-old is taking long showers [0:57x268p]
father(父) of teen 'gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators' unwittingly handed 'missing' flyer to prime suspect in case ▶1:01
Russian rich girl spotted racing Lamborghini along 'Putin's highway' being hunted by police [0:44x270p]
Mum gets fake paedophiles to attack young son to teach him chilling lesson [1:03x360p]
Two young women strip naked 'to win old iPhone' in nightclub as stunned clubbers look on ▶0:31 [0:31x270p]
Emails between 'paedophile' Clement Freud and Madeleine McCann's parents to be probed for child sex abuse inquiry ▶1:47 [1:47x360p]
Woman who thought her vagina looked like a Big Mac burger has £3,000 labiaplasty surgery ▶0:59 [0:59x360p]
Brave Syrian girl, 7, in Aleppo who captured internet's heart with her tweets safely evacuated ▶2:12 [2:12x540p]
Donald Trump calls daughter(娘) 'piece of ass' and claims 'hot little girl' took his virginity during shocking interviews
Watch hilarious moment Australia captain Michael Clarke responds to accidental question about his sex life ▶0:44
The real rape victim behind Broadchurch's new series relives terrifying sex attack and warns women to ALWAYS report it ▶0:37 [0:38x540p]
'Mummy, help me!' Mother told she 'must approve as school teachers spank her child with paddle' ▶1:35 [1:35x270p]
Little boy, 8, has bizarre skin condition 'turning him to stone' as parents struggle with medical bills [1:04x540p]
X Factor's Honey G grabbed by stage invaders and handles it like a pro ▶0:28 [0:28x360p]
(女子校生)schoolgirl dragged around bus and slapped in face by bully for 'ringing her mummy' [0:35x540p]
Brutal carjackers spray gas in face of eight-months pregnant mum-to-be in FIFTH carjacking in fortnight ▶0:33 [0:33x360p]
Jihadi mum kisses tiny daughter(娘)s, aged seven and nine, goodbye - then sends them off on suicide bomb mission ▶2:52
Man builds 'Scarlett Johansson' robot from scratch to 'fulfil childhood dream' - and it's scarily lifelike [1:51x270p]
Dead teen 'wakes' screaming inside coffin as family members smash tomb - before dying again [0:31x224p]
Girl, 8, slams Tesco's 'sexist' children's clothing in articulate speech filmed by proud mum ▶1:38 [1:38x270p]
Mum's fury after childcare worker caught on CCTV breastfeeding three-month-old son without her permission ▶0:31 [0:31x270p]
North Korea begs world for aid after devastating floods despite - Mirror
Horrific video shows mob of villagers tie up PREGNANT woman and savagely beat her ▶0:35 [0:35x224p]
Kelly Holmes warns child sex abuse happened in 'swimming, gymnastics and athletics' following football allegations ▶0:24 [0:24x360p]
Teen who fell to his death from fifth-floor balcony in Thailand will never be forgotten say pals in emotional tributes [3:01x540p]
Inside North Korea: Video and photos show true horror of Kim Jong ...
Katy Perry strips NAKED in video to urge people to vote in US presidential election ▶0:30 [0:30x270p]
Shocking video shows woman URINATING from a moving bus whilst ...
Gamer girl who &*39;flashed her vagina&*39; during live broadcast has a history ...
Toddler locked in wardrobe and repeatedly raped by own parents for ...
Transgender girl says she is rejected by straight guys for &*39;having male ...
With Sex in Love Island turning viewers on, here&*39;s the steamiest - Mirror
Policewoman gets hit in the face with her own gun in this astonishing clip ▶0:56 [0:56x270p]
Smartly dressed woman does massive poo in lift - then walks away as if nothing happened ▶0:59 [0:59x270p]
Moment paedophile who abused 10-year-old girl in cemetery tries to stab prosecutor in court as jury return verdict [1:32x540p]
Man who took selfie as he tried to have oral sex with mum's dog identified by distinctive tattoo
Donald Trump's 'prostitute scandal' was filmed by cameras and recorded with microphones hidden behind the walls ▶0:44 [0:44x540p]
Inside Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party: A list guests, Ferrari gifts, star performers and blinged out dresses ▶1:09 [1:09x270p]
Shocking moment 12-year-old bully attacks young girl and drags her across playground by her hair [2:31x270p]
Woman 'burns vagina' after setting fire to her crotch during bizarre dance off caught on camera ▶0:18
Britain's worst paedophile Richard Huckle blames sex abuse of hundreds of children on victims' culture in sick letter ▶2:57 [2:58x720p]
Mum's drug-taking boyfriend beat 13-month-old baby to death leaving him with injuries like a car crash victim ▶3:43 [3:43x270p]
'Glamorous girl gang' caught on CCTV shoplifting luxury goods haul [1:41x270p]
Tragic Tressa Middleton abused and paid £2 for sex aged 9 then raped and left pregnant by brother [0:33x225p]
Big Brother's Laura Carter confirms she 'had sex' with Marco Pierre White Jr in shocking scenes ▶0:31 [0:31x360p]
Stunning Russian model slammed for death-defying photoshoot on one of the world's tallest skyscrapers ▶0:34 [0:34x270p]
Footage shows women wanted for sexual abuse forcibly twerking against man in convenience store ▶1:21
Sickening video shows gang 'kicking teen in the head until he falls unconscious' [0:35x270p]
Libyan soldiers raped drunk man in park 'like hunting dogs who had seen wounded animal' ▶2:46 [2:46x270p]
Behind-the-scenes footage shows how sex dolls are made in factory - lips, breasts and all ▶2:41 [2:41x360p]
Inside haunting world of underage cyber sex where children as young as TWO forced to commit sexual acts on camera ▶0:33
Sex robots with fully functional genitalia to arrive next year and will cost up to £12,000 [2:23x540p]
Desperate ISIS leader forced to issue public video reassuring fighters 'they're not making massive losses' [0:27x540p]
Drunk boyfriend passes out on Bangkok holiday so girlfriend gets own back with 'ladyboy' - and films it ▶1:39 [1:39x360p]
Britney Spears flaunts killer figure as she writhes around in red bikini on holiday in Hawaii ▶0:59 [0:59x540p]
(女子校生)schoolgirl missing for a month seen on CCTV walking hand-in-hand with mystery companion ▶0:41 [0:41x540p]
'Did you perform oral sex on dad?' - This is the most awkward video you'll watch today ▶1:22 [1:22x268p]
Mum who claimed Primark security guard grabbed her baby while breastfeeding admits she lied ▶1:30 [1:30x270p]
Outnumbered child star Tyger Drew-Honey makes bizarre confession about masturbation and porn ▶0:55 [0:55x270p]
Mum told she would't make 27th birthday after 'bad flu' gets married thanks to miraculous recovery ▶1:49 [1:49x540p]
Big Brother housemate ‘PLEASURES HIMSELF and then shockingly WIPES HANDS on female contestant’ ▶1:19
Watch 10-year-old girl show her HORRIFIC third-degree burns after touching UK's ''most dangerous plant'' giant hogweed ▶0:33 [0:33x224p]
'Bride' filmed letting people grope her for cash is actually ladyboy arrested for 'inappropriate behaviour' [0:48x540p]
Natalie Portman is COMPLETELY naked in upcoming film Planetarium [2:17x360p]
Girl, 8, slams Tesco's 'sexist' children's clothing in articulate speech filmed by proud mum ▶1:38
The reality of life as an ISIS bride: Former jihadi wives give shocking account of gang-rapes and torture ▶2:40 [2:40x268p]
Children's carousel topples over onto young kids who are left screaming under the massive metal frame ▶0:22 [0:22x540p]
Model naked from the waist down walks around Hong Kong - and hardly anybody notices [2:54x360p]
Mum and young son fall out of car as dad makes sharp U-turn ▶0:53 [0:53x270p]
WhatsApp to stop running on MILLIONS of smartphones as 2016 ends - find out if you're affected ▶0:56 [0:56x270p]
'Possessed' woman drops to knees and lets out blood-curdling scream as supermarket shoppers calm her ▶2:53 [2:53x226p]
'Gender fluid' 12-year-old wakes up some mornings feeling like a boy and others feeling like a girl [1:41x270p]
Did this cheeky Maltesers advert shown during Paralympics really make a 'sex act' joke? ▶0:30 [0:30x270p]
The real rape victim behind Broadchurch's new series relives terrifying sex attack and warns women to ALWAYS report it ▶0:38 [0:38x540p]
Fukushima earthquake: Live updates as tsunami hits coast of Japan [0:23x360p]
Pervert groomed 'teen girls' by saying he wanted to 'sexually punish' them is confronted by paedophile hunters [2:37x540p]
ISIS killers threaten UK with terror attack so savage it will 'turn babies' hair white' ▶0:28 [0:28x360p]
Sick pervert sexually assaults two six-year-old girls on family 'bucket list' trip to Legoland ▶0:58 [0:58x540p]
Naked artist left hanging upside-down from tree after bizarre film scene goes embarrassingly wrong ▶1:35 [1:35x225p]
Man 'executed' after losing gangland bare-knuckle fight to the death seen in this horrific footage ▶1:06 [1:06x270p]
Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock accidentally blurts out REALLY awkward 'anal' sex story ▶0:34 [0:34x540p]
Grieving mum shares heartbreaking photo of baby's last breaths after he starved to death being [4:04x540p]
Schoolboy goes viral after declaring his love for girl with hilarious Facebook video ▶0:52 [0:52x225p]
Chelsea Handler strips NAKED for fight with Ellen DeGeneres during chat show finale ▶0:50 [0:50x268p]
Olivia Wilde strips FULLY NAKED for extremely steamy scene on TV series Vinyl ▶0:34 [0:34x270p]
Little girl desperate for ride on plane sneaks past airport security without ticket and takes flight ▶1:06 [1:06x540p]
Hilarious moment TV presenter left red-faced after losing her bikini top during live broadcast [1:24x270p]
Never seen before pictures emerge of remote Amazon tribe who have lived in forest for 600 years [1:27x268p]

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